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Sunny Sex!

June 27th, 2011

The sun is slowly licking the front of my body with its hot moist tongue.

My eyes are cautiously hiding behind two dark shields, watching as the sun laps up the sweet coconut-mango oil sweetly coating my skin. I’ve just decided that the sun is a sensualist, a bisexual male with an indiscriminate preference for sunbathers.

He is now nibbling on a man’s shoulder that has almost made its way into the shade. At the same time (the glutton that he is), the sun is also licking the young lady next to me, making her flesh completely red and vulnerable. If she would only chastise him with her absence and retreat back into our colorful circus-like cabana! The thick white terry cloth towel is absorbing my own silhouette and the tiny loops of threads beneath me are warm and wet from my sunlight-drenched body. The bright sensualist is in his glory as uncovered skin paints the pool’s blue liquid canvas. Strong male torsos with ripple-tight stomachs, sofa-friendly bellies lazily relaxing over elastic waistbands, glistening curves of tan smooth breasts swelling thin stretchy fabrics into soft full forms, and small petite bikini tops with almost nothing to cover except a couple of warm timid nipples. Strawberry, olive, white chocolate, café au lait, espresso, ginger, caramel, and cherry… The sensualist is glowing above this tasty buffet of wet colorful skin as he licks his lips ready for the next pleasing treat…

Water drops roll between feminine slopes of leopard prints, pinks, yellow polka dots, white crochet, and black leather-looking bikinis. Men’s calves are flexed as pool-soaked swim trunks cleave to their sex, and drip water down over their masculine toes. Heat penetrates, giggles tickle, skin slides, smiles invite, thoughts dive into the deep end as bodies swim through soft streams of bubbles. Joyful laughter is everywhere! So, is it any wonder why so many people are highly sexed in the summertime, or does it just seem that way? Well, according to David Johnson, group product manager for Trojan brand condoms, “July Fourth, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends” all produce a hard rise in condom sales!

While the spirit of winter holidays and cozy shut-ins also tend to sexually arouse us more than usual, it is the summertime sun that has his way with our loins in more ways than one. According to Stella Resnick, PhD, author of The Pleasure Zone, “Heat relaxes your muscles, heightens skin sensation, and causes you to slow down and get in touch with your more languid, sultry side.” Like I said before… the sun… a true sensualist! Yet the sun doesn’t stop there. Everyone knows that men are visual creatures, and so bathing suit season is a no-brainer as far as sexual stimulation goes… but did you know that an hour of Mr. Sun’s vitamin D also causes testosterone levels in a man’s bloodstream to rise by 69 percent! Yes, men can get vitamin D from other sources like food. However, “stimulated by UV radiation, 90 per cent of vitamin D in the body is produced by the skin.” (Source: Carnal Nation) Kinda makes me want to compare a guy’s hard-on after being in the sun with me for an hour, to his hard-on during a day when we weren’t in the sun at all. (Mental note to self: Start putting the Sunny Hard-on Experiment together for a possible future blog…)

Like men, women are also relaxed by heat, but what does it do for her libido? Zilch! (I knew the sun was male!) In fact, based on the reading that I’ve done (in addition to having had over twenty different personal conversations with women about this very topic) I think it’s fair to say that unless a girl is on a tropical vacation without a care in the world, or has somehow managed to mentally untangle herself from her sweaty day-to-day to-do list, the last thing she wants is to be embraced by another sweaty human being! Especially when her hair is flat, her makeup’s runny, and her clothes are sticking to her salty damp skin and pushing into her every crevice. Yes, boys… I know this excites you, but this is simply one “heat of the moment” that may actually get hotter when a girl can first hop into a shower and emerge refreshed!

Oral sex is one thing, but “oral sun”? At the right time, sure, yet whenever that is for you, don’t forget to wear protection… SPF is important these days, you know. Oh! That reminds me, I need to stop at the drugstore on my way home. I have a sunny experiment to get ready for… Hurrah for air conditioning… and showers!!

Amber Guidara Copyright © 2011

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9 Responses to “Sunny Sex!”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Yes, he is such a male. Lol
    Enjoy the pretty pools, Ms. Guidara.
    Xo, Carmen ps. now I’m inspired to go bikini shopping!

  2. Sal Says:

    When I go to the pool it doesn’t look like this, I just see a bunch of people in the sun. I’m glad there are people like you who create things to share that allow people like me to see life in such a fun, picturesque way. Sincerely, Sal (Vienna)

  3. Connie Tasche Says:

    LOVE THIS! You made me smile today. Thank you. CT

  4. Jg Says:

    lol – I’m blushing. 🙂

  5. Rob Says:

    Time to invest in new shower heads and a new air conditioner for the ol’ bachelor pad. -Rob

  6. Huff Says:

    Really? Did you just say the the sun is a “sensualist, a bisexual male” Did you just say all the above??? Yeah, you did. So guess what! BOOKMARKED! 😉

  7. Tad Says:

    Very Cool.

  8. ideas,,,,,,, Says:

    if the sun is masculine energy the ocean must be feminine,,,,i love the thought of the forces of nature being sexed,,,,,,i think u have something there guidara,,,,,,,,xo

  9. Tommy Thompson Says:

    “Oral Sun” ??? LMAO ROF …I’ve heard of the “Oral Office” slant on the famed room in the White House after the infamous presidential scandal with “wild willy” Bill Clinton, but you have created a new term for all the sweaty, sex crazed sun worshipers. I guess SPF should have an entire new meaning too: Sun Prophylactic Factor !! Can you get THAT at the drug store now?

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